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Doses of vaccines

GMP biologics manufacturing process

We accompany our partners from the first contact to their drug substance release.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each contract to communicate with our
partners throughout the whole manufacturing process.


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Experience in microbial fermentation since 1994

At Eurogentec we are experts in microbial fermentation and purification of high titers GMP biologics at large scales.

We manufacture biopharmaceuticals from bacteria and yeast according to FDA, EMA and PMDA requirements.
We produce biologics in all major microbial strains: E. coli, P. pastoris, H. polymorpha, S. cerevisiae
and biosafety level 2 micro-organisms that are non-sporulating.


Pichia fermentation

We offer significant know-how in scale-up and GMP manufacturing in Pichia pastoris.

We deliver large batches with high titers of recombinant proteins for clinical and commercial human use.

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E. coli fermentation

We produce and purify parenteral biologics from cytoplasmic and periplasmic spaces or inclusion bodies.

Our production processes are highly scalable.

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